Established in 1908, Amoy founded their cornerstone on the quality and reliability of the products across generations. With over a hundred years of history, the centennial brand stands firmly by the people of Hong Kong with their products of outstanding quality and take care of the needs and demands from everyone of us. In 1987 Amoy built a production plant in Tai Po in which all products sold are to be made in the plant. From production, management to packaging and distribution, every single procedure is closely managed and monitored by the company.

Amoy aims at providing new products that suit the taste of customers, which originates from their care for the needs and expectations of people. The group is keen on exploring potential new markets and inventing new products. For example, the premium oyster sauce with scallop and All purpose marinade are revolutionary products to many home kitchens. Dim sum has been well-received. In 2000 and 2001, Amoy introduced the Ding Ding Cheong Fun (rice noodle rolls) and Ding Ding Congee respectively, which was a breakthrough in the market of frozen food. The frozen food provided by Amoy is not only diversified and delicious, but also extremely convenient for customers.

In 2006, Ajinomoto Co., Inc, a multi-national group from Japan was optimistic about the future development of Amoy and thus fully acquired the brand. Ajinomoto Frozen Food, Seasoning and Amino Gear were launched to go in line with the brand new start of the company. Based in Hong Kong and with the full support from the mother company, Amoy has set up branches and distributors in countries in Asia, America and Europe.